Q: Donate for the mobile application!

This Election is for fasten up the process while our external dev is creating our Qwertycoin mobile Wallet App for Android and Apple iOS.
Every donated Coin will transfered to this app development fund. You can donate as many times as you want. The more tips the developer receives, the more motivated he is to implement this honorable task.

Needed Amount: 1 BTC
One valid Vote equals: 10,000.00 QWC
Calculated minimum Votes: 1,000
Minimum Votes in realtime: 1,001,831 based on current BTC and QWC Prices.

Vote for: Like


10,000.00 QWC equals one vote (1,000 votes required to win)

Like minimum 1,000 votes


Like: 250 Votes (25%)

Balance: 2,500,000 QWC this corresponds to 250 valid votes.

Proportional representation:

Total collected donations: 2,500,000 QWC