Dear Qwertycoin Community Members,

Welcome to Official Qwertycoin Voting Platform.
This platform allows members to participate and engage in important community decisions. Holding QWC means holding rights of QWC blockchain. Please use your rights to lead the community.
By using this webpage, the members acknowledge that they understand and agree with the rules, terms and conditions set forth in the following passages.

General Rules

  1. A voting period may exist. Only votes casted during the period are valid. Please do not send coins after voting is finished.
  2. If any of choices under a specific topic does not reach the minimum vote requirement, the voting period will be extended until, at least, one of them passes the minimum threshold to be considered a valid community decision.
  3. Voters can make multiple(unlimited) transactions on any specific choice of a topic in separate instances. Make a difference in shaping QWC.
  4. There will be a minimum vote level for each topic. For any choices to be considered valid, they must reach the minimum level.
  5. If any of choices fails to meet the minimum level, all votes will be forfeited and sent to foundation wallet. It is important for voters to discuss with other QWC members in the various channels to avoid this kind of situation.
  6. In case that the vote result is a tie, meaning that converted number votes are equal in more than one choice, those choices will be posted again for the 2nd round.
  7. All coins used for voting will be sent to foundation wallet address for future chain developments and improvements. All voting transactions are final.
  8. Coins donated to the foundation wallet address will be used for various purposes including infrastructure management, development, airdrop, bounties and exchange listing.
  9. The same topic cannot be posted again for the duration of 6 months from the latest voting closing date, unless the core team acknowledges that the subject requires a sense of extreme urgency and/or is necessary for technical adjustments.
  10. The core team expects to observe some centralized voting actions in the early period of this platform. However, such influence will be normalized over time.
  11. What is real time calculation? (Can be activated or deactivated)
    The real-time calculation is a method to adjust the required number of votes to the current market value. For any difference with a factor of 10, the initial target will increased or decreased by a factor of 10. Example: Initial goal: 100 Votes; Calculated goal: 1200 new target: 1,000