Q: Should QWC be listed on CryTrEx.com?

A successful vote does not mean that Qwertycoin will be listed on CryTrEx.com. For this listing we need QWC equivalent
to 150,000 CRYT these funds must be provided by the community through further donations. But we will get in contact with this Exchange as soon as possible.

Needed Amount: 0.7 BTC
One valid Vote equals: 14,000.00 QWC
Initial minimum Votes: 10,000
Note: real time target is enabled 249,665 Votes, based on the current BTC : QWC price in real time by CoinGecko.
New required real time: 100,000 Votes

Vote for: Yes

Vote for: No


14,000.00 QWC equals one vote (100,000 votes required to win)

Yes No minimum 100,000 votes


Yes: 10 Votes (0.01%)

Balance: 140,000 QWC this corresponds to 10 valid votes.

No: 0 Votes (0%)

Balance: 0 QWC this corresponds to 0 valid votes.

Proportional representation:

Total collected donations: 140,000 QWC