Q: Donate for a YoBit Listing

A successful vote does not mean that Qwertycoin will be listed on Yobit. For this listing we need funds
between 0.1 and 2 BTC these funds must be provided by the community through further donations. But we will get in contact with this Exchange as soon as possible.

Needed Amount: 2 BTC
One valid Vote equals: 10,000.00 QWC
Initial minimum Votes: 5,000
This vote is active until at least: 31. Oct 2018

Vote for: Yes

Vote for: No


10,000.00 QWC equals one vote (5,000 votes required to win)

Yes No minimum 5,000 votes


Yes: 43 Votes (0.863%)

Balance: 431,485 QWC this corresponds to 43 valid votes.

No: 8 Votes (0.1502%)

Balance: 75,121 QWC this corresponds to 8 valid votes.

Proportional representation:

Total collected donations: 506,607 QWC