Q: Add 10% Government fee for QWC foundation

At the request of the Chinese Community, we made the following vote: 10% of the miners earnings (Base Block Reward) go to the Qwertycoin Foundation for exchange and promotion campaigns.
This Voting will collect enough funds for paying the developers to solve this Case asap. Visit our websites to get informed quickly.

This vote is active until at least: 31. Dec 2030

Vote for: YES

Vote for: NO


100.00 QWC equals one vote (1,000,000 votes required to win)

YES NO minimum 1,000,000 votes


YES: 605,311 Votes (60.5311%)

Balance: 60,531,068 QWC this corresponds to 605,311 valid votes.

NO: 0 Votes (0%)

Balance: 0 QWC this corresponds to 0 valid votes.

Proportional representation:

Total collected donations: 60,531,068 QWC