Q: Shall we switch back to Cryptonight-Classic?

Community wanted an anti ASIC Mining algorithm on height 110,520. Now, three months later Community want the old Cryptonight-Classic algorithm back.
These poll will change Qwertycoin Mining in the future. After completion of the vote, we will carry out the change asap through an upcoming hard fork. Vote for Yes if you want an ASIC friendly Qwertycoin in the near future. To counter the yes votes, vote no.

Needed Amount: 1 BTC
One valid Vote equals: 100,000.00 QWC
Calculated minimum Votes: 10,000
Minimum Votes in realtime: 100,051 based on current BTC and QWC Prices.

Vote for: Yes

Vote for: No


100,000.00 QWC equals one vote (10,000 votes required to win)

Yes No minimum 10,000 votes


Yes: 9,728 Votes (97.2818%)

Balance: 972,817,779 QWC this corresponds to 9,728 valid votes.

No: 181 Votes (1.8141%)

Balance: 18,140,814 QWC this corresponds to 181 valid votes.

Proportional representation:

Total collected donations: 990,958,593 QWC